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Education & Mentorship 

Give your child the tools to accomplish goals in a permanently changing world.

In 2021, Tolstoy & Partners was founded to bring together forward-thinking professionals in the areas of education, mental health, and career guidance.
We develop personalized long-term mentoring services for young professionals and families with children who want to balance high achievement with emotional wellbeing and loyalty to their cultural and personal values.

Customized services to
meet your family's unique needs

Educational Plan

We recognize that each student and family has unique characteristics, needs & motivations that are used to create holistic life development plans to guarantee success far beyond the university.

College Application

We provide personalized guidance, helping students and families to identify suitable schools, navigate application requirements, and optimize their chances of acceptance.

School Search

We use our deep profiling methods to match families with the best schools and universities for each of their children. We don't accept commissions from schools or universities for getting students into them. We assist with communication, application, and preparing for entrance. 

What makes us different and special?

This is the future of elite education, and it’s here.

Your Personal Team

Our business is focused on highly personalized learning services. Depending on their goals, the focal point for a client may be a subject tutor, a university admissions consultant, a career counselor, or a developmental psychologist. They work with a support team that includes a custom recipe of these and other professionals.

Profiling Methodology

We use cutting-edge profiling and aptitude assessment tools to enable our clients to understand their abilities, strengths and weaknesses - with nuance and depth. These tools are used to match the client with a bespoke consulting team, track progress, and move with confidence and excitement toward the targets they have set for themselves. 

Holistic Development Plan

Our educational philosophy is that instruction goes hand in hand with mentorship. We never just teach an academic subject or a lone individual. We’re always dealing with a person with a family, culture, history, multiple social contexts, and economic background. In other words, a personality. The subject matter we work with will always land differently, depending on that personality, its journey, and its unique challenges.

Our Mission

To personalize education, helping each of our clients to identify and refine their own life targets, and designing custom pathways towards achievement and personal growth.

Andrey Tolstoy

Andrey Tolstoy

  • LinkedIn Tolstoy

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Film and Media Studies, Comparative Literature.



Founder, Head of Education Services

Andrey was born in St. Petersburg when it was called Leningrad and grew up in Paris and Prague. He holds an MA, MPhil, and Ph.D. in Film & Media and Comparative Literature from Yale University, a Postgraduate Certificate in International Education from the University of Nottingham, a BA in Film & Media from Middlebury College, and an International Baccalaureate Diploma, which he completed at the International School of Prague.

Dr Sophia Nam_edited.jpg

Sophia Nam

  • LinkedIn Nam

Ed.M., Prevention Science and Practice


Ph.D., Counseling Psychology


Head of Psychological Evaluation and Support

Dr. Nam is a licensed psychologist working with children, adolescents, and adults from around the world. She received training in counseling and clinical psychology at Harvard and Boston University Medical Schools in the United States and previously held academic professorships in Korea. She has more than a decade of clinical experience specializing in providing culturally-competent integrative psychotherapy, as well as neuropsychological assessment, consultation, crisis intervention, case management, and advocacy.

emily swindall_edited.jpg

Emily Swindall

  • LinkedIn Swindall

Ed.M in Special Education


B.S. Early Childhood Education


Head of Coaching Services, Elementary and Special Education Specialist

Emily is an educator with over fifteen years of experience teaching students with learning differences. She was the founding educational director of a school for students with ADHD and autism in Atlanta, Georgia. More recently, she worked in international school administration overseeing educational programming, mentoring teachers, and coordinating individual support for students. Her professional expertise is in the areas of social skills instruction, social and emotional learning, executive coaching, and literacy instruction.

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Tolstoy Family Shield experience working with Tolstoy and Partners has been truly invaluable. Not only did they equip me with a vast array of knowledge and essential life skills, but they also nurtured a genuine love for studying within me. Their unwavering support, expert guidance, and passion for education have undoubtedly played a pivotal role in my personal and academic growth. I am eternally grateful for their dedication and would highly recommend them as tutors and mentors to anyone seeking to unlock their full potential and embark on a transformative learning journey.

Max Afaniasev - UK

Accepted at Eton College, Higher School of Economics


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